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Это направление обмена доступно зарегистрированным пользователям сервиса, прошедшим верификацию счета.

Перевод осуществляется с карты на карту Альфа-Банк.

Для верификации счета необходимо:
1. Зарегистрироваться на сайте
2. Войти в совою учетную запись и с правой стороны в меню выбрать “Ваши счета”
3. В “Добавить счет” выберите “Альфа-Банк RUB”, впишите свой номер карты и нажмите “Сохранить”
4. В нижнем списке счетов появится введенный вами номер карты, нажмите на строчку “Не верифицирован”
5. В открывшемся поле вам нужно будет вставить файл с фотографией вашей карты на фоне открытой странице нашего сервиса, номер и держатель карты должны отчетливо читаться.


min.: 1000 RUB, max.: 45000 RUB

max.: 45000 RUB

Номер карты Альфа-Банк, 16 цифр.
Требуется верификация аккаунта (в ЛК с права в верху),
Верификация счета (в ЛК -> Ваши счета -> Добавить счет -> нажать "Не верефецирован")

min.: 0.0005 BTC, max.: 1.20491252 BTC
Including add. service fee (0.00008 BTC), you receive

Enter the address of the Bitcoin purse.
Bitcoin address example: 1MLtRBTjBYwvtvieQNz8zeJ2fNwfuYXLtj (no spaces)

Personal data

Enter your name as in your passport

Enter your name as in passport

Enter your middle name as in passport

Enter a valid email address, it will come to you a letter on the status of the application

Type your answer
Exchange Alfa-Bank RUB to Bitcoin BTC

The exchange instruction:

Where do I begin?

Before you begin exchanging NECESSARILY, read Security Exchange and Terms of Service for exchanging digital currencies.

After you’ve read Terms of Service for exchanging digital currencies and have agreed with them, you can start creating an exchange request.

On the main page of the service, sеlect the exchange direction in the left column: “sеlect the currency you want to change”, in the right column: “sеlect the currency you want to receive”
You will be taken to the Create an Exchange Request page.

Step 1 (first)

At this step you need to enter the amount that you want to change or the amount you want to receive in the appropriate field, the calculator will automatically calculate the amount that you will receive when exchanging or the amount you need to transfer for an exchange depends on Which field you have chosen to fill.

• In the “Give back” block the amount to be exchanged is indicated;
• In the “Receive” block (below), the amount that you receive when exchanging is displayed, but you can immediately specify the amount you want to receive and then it will be displayed in the “Give” block The amount that you need to transfer to the exchange;

• Enter your details, e-mail, phone, etc. In the appropriate fields.
• Then click the “Continue” button

You have 15 minutes to complete the creation of an application and transfer funds for an exchange.

Step 2 (second)

ATTENTION!, check the entered data;
After reading SERVICE RULES and agree with them, put a tick in the appropriate field (without this exchange will not be possible).
Click the “Create bid” button

Step 3 (third)

You need to transfer to the account of the exchange service the means of exchange according to the instructions, on the requisites indicated on the page (do not rush).
• After completing the steps above, make sure that you actually did the translation and click “I made the translation”
There will be a transition to a new page of the status of the application with the status of your application.
• Your application is submitted for review by the operator of the exchange service, after its verification the operator will change the status of the application.

• If you have any questions, write to the Service Provider (bottom of the page, from the right)

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